Zippocat Rage Article

2011-02-06 18:18:08 by MadnessArtist

I just saw that zippocat shit a couple minutes ago. I got to it from a link off of 4chan.Right after seeing the russian girl that kills her dogs, FOR FUN. Argh! WTF! And back to zippocat. It's so fucked up! I'm a cat lover, so it's double-fucked up! Why would you do that?!? When I heard of it, I thought it was a cat with a zipper in it. But I thought, no, that's too messed up to put on the internet legally. And I've never seen something like that, which I'm glad about. So then I thought, It's probably a funny meme. So I searched it. DAMN was I wrong. What has been seen cannot be unseen. I am scarred. If you haven't seen it already, DON'T SEARCH IT. DON'T. If you share my rage, make a pissed off comment. I'm PISSED OFF AT THIS. WHO WOULD DO THIS!?


P.S; I am posting this again because I don't think pople saw it. And I want people to realize how fucked up this is.

Zippocat Rage Article


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